Is Your Practice Losing Patients To Your Competitors?

Find out with this Analysis and learn how your practice compares to your top competitors in these areas:

  • Online Reputation,
  • Internet Presence,
  • and Website Performance

How Does My Analysis Work? and Why Do I Need One?

Discover why your prospective patients are not finding you online. Our team has developed a tool that scans the internet and gathers vital information about your practice & your top competitors' online visibility.

Find out how your practice stacks up against the competition in the following areas:

Online Reputation

93% of people now heavily weigh online reviews in their purchase decisions, what do yours say?

Online Reputation Scores

Providers with higher reputation are deemed more trustworthy.


Review Sentiment Analysis

What are your reviews saying to your prospective patients?


Internet Presence

88% of patients search Google for a doctor or treatment center, does your practice show at the top
of these searches?

Keyword Ranking

Does your site rank highly for the keywords your
patients are searching for?


Online Listing Accuracy

Businesses that do not have consistent contact info across the internet are ranked lower in search results.


Website Performance

The average healthcare site takes over 5 seconds to load - patients begin leaving at 3. Are your
patients being turned away?

Mobile Friendliness

Your online visitors are more likely to leave your site if it isn’t optimized for the device they are using.


Website Page Speed Analysis

Websites that load slow are penalized and may show up under their competitors in search results.